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Pressure washing in coastal areas

Coastal Living and Pressure Washing

There is a reason why so many people prefer coastal living. The salt air, warm climates, and abundant sunshine lend toward outdoor living, and many homes and businesses in coastal regions have outdoor areas that they share with their family, guests, and customers.

Living in a coastal region can present particular challenges when it comes to maintaining your exterior surfaces. Let's take a look at a few of the issues that coastal living brings and pressure washing applications that will help you make maintaining your outdoor areas as easy as a day at the beach.

Regular pressure washing services, when performed by a licensed pressure washing expert, can preserve and enhance the look of your outdoor surfaces for your St. Petersburg home or business.

Pressure Washing is for the Birds

Watching a seagull glide majestically across the air currents is a sight to behold, but you also have to watch out to make sure that the seagull doesn't drop a little gift on your head. Usually, when one seagull shows up, his friends soon follow. Before you know it, your patio can look like the aftermath of a Hitchcock movie.

Bird and animal droppings can be a tough problem for exterior surfaces. Due to high acidic content, those droppings can actually penetrate hard surfaces and cause permanent staining. Scrubbing by hand is effective, but it's also time-consuming. For large outdoor areas like parking lots, decks, walkways, and screened pool enclosures, hand-scrubbing just doesn't make sense.

Regular pressure washing can remove bird and animal droppings easily and effectively, washing them away safely. Adding germ-killing heat to the application will also remove harmful bacteria and leave your surfaces with a pristine shine. If your outdoor surface looks like it's gone to the birds, call a pressure washing professional today and schedule a free consultation.

Lost Shaker of Salt

The anthem of coastal living finds the balladeer in pursuit of his lost shaker of salt, but salt is readily available in coastal regions. Salt is literally in the air and in the water that surrounds us. Eventually, the salty air and sea spray have to land on something. That something is your outdoor surfaces.

Salty grime can build up on your windows, leaving streaks, scratches, and etching and blurring your clear view. Salt can also erode your porous surfaces like concrete, wood, and pavers, causing them to weaken over time. Salt also accelerates the growth of rust, a corrosive nuisance that is prevalent in many coastal regions. Prompt removal of salt from your surfaces can protect them from damage and deter the spread of rust.

Hot water pressure washing is the perfect application for salty accumulations. Utilizing the pressurized power of water with the added boost of heat, hot water pressure washing can remove the salty glaze that covers your outdoor surfaces. When you hire a pressure washing professional that offers hot water pressure washing, you can be certain that they'll bring the latest tools and applications that are right for your exterior surface cleaning needs.

Remove the salt from your exterior surfaces and keep it in the shaker, where it belongs.

Mold, Mildew, and Algae

Warm, humid conditions that exist in most coastal living areas are conducive to the growth of organic nuisances like mildew, mold, and algae. At first, these may seem like cosmetic issues, but they present health and safety concerns too. Slippery substances can be trip hazards when located on walkways, decks, patios, and sidewalks. Mold can lead to breathing problems, and mildew can spread to plants and damage expensive landscaping.

By adding environmentally safe cleaning products to your pressure washing application, your pressure washing specialist can attack organisms at their source, killing the organism and preventing their spread. Pressure washing products are eco-friendly, so they are safe for people, animals, and landscaping plants.

It's important to hire a professional for your pressure washing project to ensure that the proper applications and products are being used for your specific needs. Consult a pressure washing specialist to discuss the best course of action for maintaining your coastal home or business.

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