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Parking garage cleaning

Maintain Your Property's Parking Garage With Parking Garage Cleaning In St. Petersburg & The Entire Bay Area

Your St. Petersburg area parking garage will look brand new with a parking garage cleaning from the pros at CPW. Your parking garage puts up with a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis. With so much regular traffic, automotive grunge and other pollutants can build up, causing your concrete surfaces to look drab and uninviting. Regular parking garage cleaning can remove those pollutants and leave your parking garage looking fresh and ready for the finest vehicles in the Bay Area.

The dependable pressure washing pros at CPW can remove all variety of contaminants from your parking garage surfaces, including:

  • Oil, grease, and other automotive fluids
  • Gum, discarded food, and other sticky substances
  • Dirt, sand, and bird droppings
  • Organic materials such as leaves and pine straw
  • Tar and road debris

Affordable Parking Garage Cleaning To Brighten Up Your Concrete Surfaces

Pressure washing is a cost-effective way to remove harmful contaminants from your exterior surfaces, leaving them with a fresh face. Keeping your concrete surfaces clean with a regular parking garage cleaning will extend the life of your surfaces by removing the pollutants that can cause deterioration. It will help you to make old surfaces look vibrant, and keep your new surfaces looking newer, longer. Regular parking garage cleaning is significantly less expensive than the cost of resurfacing.

The pressure washing specialists at CPW have the professional tools and skills to tackle your largest parking garage cleaning project. With our adjustable pressure and heat settings, we can offer customized services to fit the cleaning needs of almost any surface. Our products are environmentally friendly and safe for concrete, asphalt, brick, and paver surfaces.

CPW is the one to call for parking garage cleaning services in St. Petersburg and the Bay Area at 727-755-8979.

Our Trusted Team Can Provide The Commercial Pressure Washing Results You Deserve

CPW proudly serves an ever-growing list of satisfied commercial property owners in the Bay Area. We offer commercial pressure washing services to businesses in St. Petersburg, Tampa, and Clearwater to some of the area's finest businesses, including restaurants and bars, entertainment complexes, condominiums, shopping centers, and apartment complexes, just to name a few. We specialize in outdoor gathering areas and can provide them with a pristine clean shine and leave them sanitized welcoming for your customers and guests.

The pros at CPW can handle all of your commercial pressure washing needs and parking garage cleaning tasks. We don't just clean the floors, we can give new life to your:

  • Driveways
  • Attendant stations
  • Sidewalks
  • Bollards and posts
  • Planter boxes

CPW is proud to offer our "triple threat" of affordability, reputation, and quality service to all of our customers in the Bay Area. When you hire the pressure washing pros at CPW, you will know that you're working with a local, licensed, and insured pressure washing contractor who has the credentials and the know-how to do your job right. And you'll have the peace of mind that the person you have working at your home or business will be looking out for your needs.

The skill of our professionals, our top of the line equipment, and our quality workmanship will always lead you to score phenomenal results with your parking garage cleaning project. We use eco-friendly products, which help maintain our clean waterways and are always safe for people, pets, and plants.

Don't forget to ask about our residential pressure washing services for your home. Give us a call today for a free consultation at CPW of St. Petersburg.

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